Our company BWC Ltd. was established in 1991 and is a leading wine and spirits manufacturer, distributor and exporter of Bulgarian wines and spirits. BWC Ltd. is the main trading company of the following Bulgarian wineries: Vinal Winery (Danube Plain), Dolna Banya Winery (Thracian Lowland) and Ruptsi Winery (Danube Plain).

Our company is considered as the innovator in the branch in the country and has numerously been referred as ‘THE LEGEND” in Bulgarian wine trade.

We produce a very wide range of different assortments, including white, red and rose still and sparkling (dry, semidry, semisweet, and sweet) wines, fruit liquors, non alcoholic wines, ciders, as well as numerous kinds of spirits such as vodka, gin, brandy, etc. Our own vineyards encompass a diverse variety of both national and international grape varieties providing us with the opportunity to always surprise our customers with something different and exciting. Our packaging technologies allow us to offer our wines in all bottle shapes and dosages, as well as Bag-in-Box, PET pack and PET packagings.

Over 90% of our products are export-oriented. Our export destinations include Poland, Russia, China, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Ghana, Mongolia, Turkey, Greece, Algeria, Ghana, Central Asian Republics, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc.

Our competitive advantage is our reliability as a supplier, high production control, high quality production, competitive pricing and flexibility, being professionals in developing new brands especially for new clients aimed at meeting their different customer segments.

Our core objectives are to be constant in our work, to offer unique service to our clients and to provide them with the highest possible value, as we offer the best quality-price ratio that can be encountered in Bulgaria.

Our mission is not to be just suppliers-we are partners!

Our values are innovation, growth, cooperation and partnership, brand development, entrepreneurship and professionalism.

Our wines also annually receive many prizes at national and international competitions, indicating their high quality and exceptionality. The prizes and the recognition constantly motivate our technological staff and all our experts to seek new challenges and to expand the range of products and export markets.

Vinal Winery

Vinal was established in 1947 and is situated in the city of Lovech (north-central Bulgaria) in the Danube Plain, one of the five main viticultural regions in the country. Its vineyards encompass…

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Dolna Banya Winery

Dolna Banya Winery was established in 1974 and is located in the Thracian Lowland. Until 1994, the enterprise functioned as a production plant of fruit wines…

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Ruptsi Winery

Ruptsi Winery, established in 1939, is the first and oldest winery in Vidin region, located in the westernmost part of the Danube plain, which is a registered viticulture region of the variety Gamza…

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