Amulet Full Series Preview

BWC with a new brand: AMULET

BWC has recently launched its newest brand AMULET, which already has significant success in our export markets. AMULET series is a selection of some of our finest wines and represents the uniqueness of our wines and brand innovation vision.

Here is some more behind the idea of AMULET…

An amulet brings sanctity, it protects its holder and brings him power, prosperity and fortune. In order to construct an amulet one needs to decide on its purpose and further collect symbols and materials to serve that aim. This is exactly our inspiration and what we have done with the wines in series Amulet-we have handpicked the highest quality grapes and used the most traditional winemaking methods, putting together history, tradition and unique terroir in an artistic fashion with the aim to present you with the most exquisite wines, bring you enjoyment and let you travel back in time to the most ancient land of winemaking-sunny Bulgaria.

AMULET series is a collection of the following assortments:

Imperial Red Blend (Cabernet Sauvigon & Merlot & Marcelan)

Imperial White Blend (Chardonnay & Viogner)

Cabernet Sauvingon


Pinot Noir